Academic Activities

"Student" and "scholar" are the most important identities of mine. Here you can find the record of my academic activities.


Here is a list of my published works.

Unpublished Writing

Here is a list of my unpublished projects. Please contact me for details if you are interested.


Here is a list of presentations, speeches and lectures I have given at conferences, symposia, and my guest lectures.


Here is a record of my teaching experience, including information about my academic appointments and courses I teach and have taught.

Coursework and Research

As a graduate student, I engage in various coursework and research projects. Here is a list of them.

Contact Information


Department of East Asian Languages and Cultures

University of California, Berkeley

3413 Dwinelle Hall
Berkeley CA 94720-2230

United States


Phone Numbers

Departmental: +1 510 642 3480

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