About Me

I am Yisheng Tang, a PhD student studying early-modern and modern Japanese literature, with a designated emphasis in Renaissance and Early Modern Studies at the University of California, Berkeley.

I received my B.A. in Comparative Literature and Japanese with a minor in German from the same institution in 2019.

I am currently interested in exploring the question of “friendship” and the history of sociability in nineteenth- and early twentieth-century Japan, as well as the changing boundaries between homoeroticism and friendship and the notions of theatricality and affect in those periods’ literature.

Other things I enjoy include ancient histories, mystery fiction, music, and works of manga and animation.

Recent Projects

Japanese Studies
Comparative Literature and Other Studies


"Student" and "scholar" are the most important identities of mine. Here you can find the record of my academic activities


Non-academic Engagements

I am also interested in applying the skills and knowledge I acquire as a student and scholar of literature to fields outside the academia



This is a less professional, more creative and more private space. Books, music, film, art, photos... Hope you can enjoy :)